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Indigo Rose Tomato

Indigo Rose Tomato

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Indigo Rose Tomato is a dark blue, almost a black-purple tomato. It is Non-GMO and open-pollinated, so the seeds will grow true. The Indigo Rose is the saladette size of the Indigo series.  They will take about 80 days from transplant, so start your seeds early. A very important little note about the Indigo Rose: If you must, let them ripen on the vine to get the full flavor out of them; the unripe ones have no taste and you won't be happy. We farm these in the north for the farmer's markets. They will be a nice red on the side where the sun doesn't hit and a very dark blue and soft to the touch. Take care of these, and you will be rewarded. Happy growing!!!

 This is a very hard to find variety 

 Plant early plant often 

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