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Jalapeno Early Heirloom Pepper

Jalapeno Early Heirloom Pepper

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Maturity Date: 75 days

The Early Jalapeno grows dark green, 3-inch pods with rounded tips that are medium hot and thick walled. It is a quick growing hot pepper that will give you loads of peppers. Great for short growing season areas and in raised beds! The Early Jalapeno pepper is a Non-GMO, Heirloom variety that's been the standard jalapeno for many many years. It will turn darker and get a little hotter on you, but will also give you true flavor. The Early Jalapeno pepper does great in northern climates. If you start indoors about 4 to 7 weeks before setting outside, you can harvest these in just about any zone. This gives our northern friends a chance at fresh peppers. We are in zone 6; we get cooler nights from the middle to the end of summer and this is our go-to pepper. 

 Also, this Heirloom garden seed favorite does great in hoop houses. It's not uncommon to still be harvesting well into October in a hoop house. For our die hard gardeners, you can make this a container plant and take it indoors. It produces well in poor soil. It's an all-around winner, and our ounce packs have about 3100 seeds.

Happy growing!!!

   here's a few growing tips 

    The early jalapeños pepper.  Should be started. About 4 to 6. Weeks before you want to plant 

   Here's. Something important about starting your seeds do not  push them into the pots or trays. It compacts the soil. Fill your pots half up with soil then put your seeds in. And sprinkle soil over the top of them.    And keep them warm.  

   If you want to give your transplants a extra boost.   

  Cut the bottom off of a two liter soda bottle. And place over your plants.    

   You want to space your  plants about one foot apart and. Your rows about three feet apart 

Plant early plant often 

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