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Lebanese white bush summer squash

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The..Lebanese white bush summer squash. Is all add heirloom.  Open-pollinated  non gmo. Summer squash with a delicate taste.  It's.  White with a hint of light yellow or green.       This variety of white zucchini has been around for a few hundred years that we know of.  It's rich goodness  has been left unchanged by modern agriculture.   

    Will start producing in about 45 days.  Will grow in zones 3 thru 10     this Heirloom variety will be a wonderful addition to any line up and will be a hit at the farmers markets. Cause you cannot find this variety at the seed racks at the big box stores. Or on the supermarket shelves. 

     Plant.  Early.   Plant often 

        Happy growing!!! 

 Great addition to any line up 

  A must have for all you market growers

The Lebanese white bush summer squash is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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