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Lemon Cucumber

Lemon Cucumber

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Lemon Cucumber Seed: We sell packs and bulk garden seed

Lemon Cucumbers are Round, apple-shaped yellow fruit. They taste like regular cucumbers--only these are mild and sweet. It amazes us how many cucumbers there are; here's a must have for home gardens and farmers markets. A standard cucumber will make 3 or 4 inch slices--that's a pretty big round slice; the type that make wonderful pickle chips for hamburgers. Lemon Cucumbers are main season and not cold tolerant. 

Here are some basic growing tips. Cucumbers don't transplant well, but you can use peat pots so you don't disturb the roots. Here's what we do in Oregon's high country: we direct seed them, cut the bottoms off plastic bottles, and set them over every seed. We do this with about 25 plants of every cucumber variety to get a jump on the farmers market production. So order some Lemon Cucumbers today, and any other bulk garden seed you might need. As with all our vegetables, these are open-pollinated, Non-GMO, and ready to sow. 

Here's an interesting piece of information about the Heirloom Lemon Cucumbers. For those of you who have heartburn issues, these have a mild flavor that agrees with almost everyone. And they make great bread and butter pickle slices! To our farmers market friends, get about an ounce of seed for every market you do. Happy growing!!! 

A fun  tid bit about this variety farm kids use them as baseballs in about late summer.  Cause the produce so much 


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