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Long Island Improved Brussel Sprouts

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Maturity Date: 90 days

Long Island Brussel Sprouts are all Heirloom garden seed and, as always, Non-GMO.  These have a germination time of 5 to 10 days. Be really careful, if you start them in those black seed starting trays, to not let them be in the full sun; it can make them too hot and they won't grow. You will get a very high quality brussel sprout that won't get bitter on you. And they will gift you with loads of medium green sprouts that are uniform and a fine flavor; they look like oblong cabbages . Who doesn't like these little guys?

Here is some basic info for planting: They are a neat plant to look at because they grow 2 or 3 feet high. They will withstand a little frost and cool night. They will also transplant well with the bulk transplanting method. See our webpage for full instructions on this. Basically you will put a lot of seed in a raised bed or cold frame really early, and when they get to transplant size, dig them out and transplant. This works really well with Brussel sprouts. If you leave them on the stalk, they will store for awhile and look very cool on your farmers market table. Get your bulk garden seed now! If your are just growing for a family, we recommend just one pack. If you are going to put some up in your freezer, buy an ounce of seed. And to give you an idea on larger plots, we suggest 3 or 4 pounds per acre. As with most Heirlooms these Long Island Brussel Sprouts are easy to grow and forgiving in poor soils. 

Happy growing!!!

Life is too short to live without the Long Island Improved Brussel Sprouts. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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