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Long Red Florence (Long Day)

Long Red Florence (Long Day)

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The Long Red Florence is a very rare, hard to find, onion from Italy. It's an Heirloom onion seed from the 1800s. This, like every seed we carry, is Non-GMO and ready to grow. This is a long day or a day-neutral onion that will overwinter in zones 6b and above. For basic growing guidelines allow 7 to 10 days for germination; don't over seed and allow for the bulbs to form. You can get shallots in 50 or 60 days and 75 to 85 days for big, long 4 to 6 inch bulbs about 1 - 2 inches wide. We recommend drying out in the sun for a few days to make for longer storage. The long red Florence has a mild, not an overpowering, wonderful flavor as well as very eye-catching, colorful slices. We also recommend succession planting so you can have some from spring to fall. Happy growing!!! 

 Plant early plant often 

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