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Michihili Chinese Cabbage

Michihili Chinese Cabbage

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This is an Heirloom, open-pollinated variety that has been around for centuries. It's a heading type that grow round and long. Also known as a Napa cabbage, it's the primary variety grown in the USA. Takes 50 to 80 days to mature and is cold tolerant. The Michihili Chinese Heirloom cabbage is the oldest and the all-time favorite Chinese cabbage ever. Happy growing!!!


 Transplanting and making transplants:  By far, the easiest way to make lots of transplants is to blanket seed; that's where you put a bunch of seed really close together into a cold frame and dig them up in clusters. Cabbage is not that picky about disturbing the roots. If starting in transplant trays, make sure the soil doesn't dry out. We recommend succession planting  every few weeks so you will have a constant harvest.

How much seed to buy: If you are doing a small garden, or if you are unsure about Chinese cabbage, just order a pack. Everyone else, you will want to order a pack of seeds per person in your family. To our farmers market friends, we suggest you order about a half ounce of seeds per market you do. 

 Happy growing!!!

 This variety makes really good leaves for wrap's 

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