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Mizuna Mustard Spinach

Mizuna Mustard Spinach

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The maturity date is 25 days for greens and 40 days for mature. This variety is very cold tolerant. We carry it in packs and bulk Heirloom seed sizes. All our seeds are Heirloom and Non-GMO. Why not order some today? Happy growing!!!

    The early mizuna. Is a mustard spinach and the leaves have a peppery flavor. This can be grown year round.  And is mainly grown to eat fresh in salads. Our packs have over 100 seeds and one ounce has over 7000 seeds in it.

   As with all our seeds this is heirloom. Non gmo.  So this means it will grow true. And packed full of flavor 

   Get your bulk heirloom seeds today

      happy growing!!!