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Ohio blue corn

Ohio blue corn

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ohio blue corn  is also called blue clarage this all heirloom  non gmo variety dates the 1920s.  This is a dent field corn but its the sweetest of the colored field corn the ohio blue corn takes 85 to 100 days. 

  You get. Huge 8 foot stocks. And 2 nice big ears from each plant.  These make for wonderful stocks at fall time.  Or Halloween.  Decor.  Will make some of the best corn meal ever.    

    Here's some planting information 

   1st. Off wait until. It warms up  after all danger of frost is gone. 

  2nd.  Place your rows. About 2 feet apart. Note that if you are going to be using the three sisters companion method. Do 3 foot row spacing

   3rd.  Place you seeds about a foot apart

  4th.   Plant your seeds about 1inch down 

     Note.   If your in a high wind area.  You can plant 

  Your seeds a little deeper.   This will make them stronger.  But will take a few extra days. For them to pop up.     Thank  you

               Happy growing!!!

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