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Red Bull Brussel Sprouts

Red Bull Brussel Sprouts

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The Red Bull Brussel Sprouts will turn heads at all the farmers markets. These red brussel sprouts have a bold taste that the green ones don't have. Just think of the colorful dishes around the holidays! They are also a a very beautiful plant and are a deep red, almost a purple. This variety is both rare and Heirloom, as well as Non-GMO. They will take about 80 to 100 days from seed and are a wonderful fall crop choice. They will over winter in zone 7 and above. You can plant in August and have fresh brussel sprouts for the holidays. We carry small packs as well as bulk garden seed. To our farmers market friends, these will bring you a high price and grow these four to one--meaning, grow four times as much green as you do red. 

The Red Bull Brussel Sprouts will be a great addition to your garden and will create a lot of conversation. They will look very nice on the plate! If you're limited on space, grow these because the reds are hard to get at the store. So reward yourself with this garden delight!

    Grow these like you would any other brussel sprouts or any cold crop. Be careful when starting in those black seed trays for them not to be in full sun;  it might fry them and ruin your starts. But once started and transplanted, these are very easy to grow. Get your bulk garden seed today! Happy growing!!!

     here's a few growing tips

    Brussel sprouts take awhile  to fully mature so

   You wanna start them.  Early enough the fall frosts won't. Kill them off before there ready.  

     Weed pressure  these are not huge towering plants.  So.  You. Gotta keep the weeds under control.  You might consider using a fabric or corn starch mulch.  A little bit of work in the beginning  but.  No weeds taking over your plants.  


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