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Sugar Ann (Sugar Snap)

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Maturity Date: about 63 days 

The Sugar Ann pea is an edible pod from the Sugar Snap family. It's a must have for your garden or any farmers market table. Sugar Ann is an all-American winner! It's early and has a short growth habit with 3 inch. pods that will keep on producing tons of great snap peas! Snap peas will grow in any zone here in the United States and will grow year round in zone 7 and above. 

How much seed to buy: If there's just one or two of you, just plan on planting once in your main garden. One of our huge basic packs will be perfect for you. If you intend on planting a few times and/or have a family who loves fresh sugar snap peas, you will want to order a half pound of Sugar Ann pea seeds. You will have plenty. To our farmers market friends, you will want to order about four ounces of seed for every market you do.  

When to plant the Sugar Ann pea: It should be planted as soon as the ground is not frozen. These are cold tolerant folks; in some areas, you can broadcast this seed on the ground of your last big snow. By the time the snow melts, the peas will already be growing. To the folks in zones 7b and above, you can plant in January.   We are in zone 6 plant ours in March. 

 It's a great Heirloom, Non-GMO, garden seed. Happy growing!!!    

    here are a few growing tips 

  Sugar. Ann peas can be very closely spaced they will begin to grow as one unit.  

   Plant them from about a half inch down to  a inch down.   You should give them something to climb on    on.   And keep em picked.  Otherwise they will stop producing. And go to seed.  

    In the northern regions alot of folks will broadcast. Into the last snow or before the last snow of the year. Then when it melts they have 100s of pea plants coming up. 

Plant early plant often 

The Sugar Ann (Sugar Snap) was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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