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Vernal alfalfa

Vernal alfalfa

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Hello. Folks.  This vernal alfalfa.  Is a great variety.  Has.  Good.  Leaf to stem.   And will bounce back fast.  After cutting or grazing.  We added this for the homesteader who just wants a little.  For a small pasture.  Or some extra feed for there outside family members.  Goats.   Sheep.  Sows.  That steer you raise every year.  Our 4oz. Package will do about. A 20 x 50. Foot pasture.  With.  Good a stand. Of plants.     Seed a little thicker for goats. And a little thinner for everything else.  We know it's hard for homesteads or hobbyist to get just a little alfalfa seed.  This is why.  We are carrying. This. 

     Happy growing!!!

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