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Watermelon Radish Seeds

Watermelon Radish Seeds

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Watermelon Radish Seeds are a watermelon-colored flesh radish. They are very cold tolerant, will get 3 or 4 inches around, and will be tasting great! We recommend picking about one-and-a-half inches. They take up to 60 days. What a great Heirloom, Non-GMO variety that you can add to your radish garden line up today! Happy growing!!!

   The watermelon radish can be planted in zones 3 to 10.      We recommend succession planting from early February. To.  End of September for a constant supply.  In zones  8 and above.  You can go year round. 

     Here's a few planting tips. 

    Do not over seed.   You will want to space them. 2 to 6 inches apart.  Depending upon how big you want them. 

   Don't plant the seeds to deep. A half inch max

    Keep them watered there roots don't go down that far



    This is important. If you live in a area where there is the carrot fly.   Do not plant these in the spring. Because their larva will bore holes in your  radishes


   The carrot fly mainly hangs out in areas where there are commercial carrot fields  

   Plant early plant often 


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