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Yellow Petite Watermelon

Yellow Petite Watermelon

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The Yellow Petite Watermelon: Here's another wonderful, Non-GMO, Heirloom, open-pollinated melon seed. Finally, a super sweet Yellow watermelon that's ice box size and that you can grow in any region of the the U.S.A. It takes about 85 to 90 days. These will grow round, and are perfect for family gardens and farmers markets. You cannot get Heirloom Yellow Petite melons off the store shelves. If you want real melon taste and flavor, go beyond organic with the Yellow Petite melon today. Just one pack will do for the family garden. To our farmers market friends, do 1/4 oz. of seed for every market you do. Happy growing!!! 


 Plant early plant often 

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