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the uguslavian finger squash is highly regarded for ornamental use. These are very interesting  they ripen to a off white and have little fingers coming 

Out of them.  Also can be used as a summer squash 

  If picked young 

 Plant early plant often  

This unique variety will be a hit at your high end markets

 Farm to fork 

 Everyone needs to grow this variety at least once  

  Here in zone 6 we had a bumper crop of these. When young they are tasty.  But will mature a glossy white and are rock hard.  We planted these where we had pasture pigs last year they got about 6 to 8 inches across and 4 inches high.   We planted about 2 ounces of seed and got about 600 plus. Of mature gourds. 

   And. Harvested around 500 young ones 

  The plants themselves didn't take all much room

  Sort of between a bush and a vine 

  So.  We think this variety can grow anywhere in the USA

  We had a June 7th 9th and 11th late frost they are hardy 

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