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Yukon Chief

Yukon Chief

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Maturity Date:  60

Heirloom, short, multi-tiller corn; 2 to 6 ears, semi-sweet, yellow; cold tolerant  and extra early. It's also very cute to look at in the garden. This is a must have for any garden or farm stand! 

   We are very pleased that we have brought this variety back.  We. Are one of the only growers of this in the USA

  We planted mid May. And had a late frost. In June. Bounced back.  With not too much stunting we got this seed stock from the usa seed bank  please understand that this is very rare. 

  For those of you that would like a larger quantity

   We will have large quantities mid summer 2024

   This can be grown anywhere in the USA and Canada

    This variety is heirloom open and non GMO

   It was one of the very first frozen corn 

  The native Yukon folks would put the ears in the first snows of fall and eat all winter long


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